Here at Pott Shrigley, we believe in encouraging children to become scientists. Our aim is to deliver carefully planned, bespoke, and engaging science lessons to inspire and nurture children to develop scientific knowledge and skills that they are given the opportunity to apply confidently. In line with the National Curriculum, children will become critical thinkers, fostering curiosity so that they can acquire a deep understanding of concepts in each of the three strands of science. Our lessons are designed to connect with real-world contexts which ensures that the curriculum is accessible and inclusive for all of our pupils. 


At our school, we implement a science curriculum that is immersive and progressive from EYFS through to year 6. Science units are taught on a two year or three year cycle to guarantee that all curriculum objectives are met and scientific skills are developed thoroughly in our mixed age classes. All teachers at Pott Shrigley are knowledgeable and passionate about teaching science, delivering high-quality lessons that promote scientific understanding.  They incorporate vital experiences for pupils including school trips and science workshops that enhance the curriculum delivery and enable children to link scientific thinking to real-life experiences.

Opportunities for practical work are a priority so that children can develop investigative skills, make predictions, and draw evidence-based conclusions both in oral and written form. Alongside this, children meet scientists and experts so that they can learn about the roles of scientists and the careers available so that they are motivated and encouraged to see science as a viable path for the future. 


All children will leave Pott Shrigley having developed a deep understanding of scientific concepts and secure scientific skills equipping them for the next stage of their education journey. Pupils will have accessed all areas of the curriculum, with positive outcomes so that they enjoy science as a subject and are motivated to transfer their skills and knowledge to everyday life and igniting a passion to want to investigate more about the world around them, creating potential future scientists. 

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