At Pott Shrigley Church School, we have developed a high-quality curriculum throughout the key stages to ensure that all pupils have access to engaging, rich and varied learning experiences.  We aim to promote computational thinking and digital literacy throughout school life and beyond so that children are equipped to deal with all aspects of technology safely and respectfully in our ever-changing digital world. Children will be taught key knowledge about computer systems and how they work. They will learn to use technology purposefully and it shall be incorporated across curriculum subjects to show how computing is used in a variety of contexts for a particular desired outcome. We ensure that children at Pott Shrigley develop vital skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking and creativity which will extend beyond school and into their futures. 


At Pott Shrigley we follow the Purple Mash scheme for Computing, ensuring a clear understanding and proficiency is developed and secured in this subject. Children build on skills throughout each year group, allowing for knowledge progression with more in-depth and complex skills being explicitly taught.We encourage children to use technology to present information in a variety of ways, problem solve and develop research skills safely and competently.  Children are taught both discretely and through cross curricular opportunities enabling them to apply these skills regularly with the support of engaging resources and carefully planned lessons.Linked closely with PSHE, children will take part in regular online safety workshops so that they become responsible and diligent users of technology.  


Implementing an engaging and diverse Computing curriculum ensures that children leave Pott Shrigley proficient and competent users of information and communication technology.  They will use computers creatively and imaginatively to support their learning.  Children will be able to analyse and solve problems using computational thinking and above all, operate technology safely and responsibly.  

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