Pott Shrigley Class 1 2018 - 2019

Mrs Blackwell

Autumn Term 2

Welcome back to a busy fun-packed term!

Class 1 had great fun last term learning about Oceans and Seas and we are going to develop this knowledge but on a national level  and concentrate on the United Kingdom / Great Britain and our British Values.

We think it is extremely important that children have a sense of not only where they live but where places are on a map and where they fit in. We began this work last term and we are going to focus on Britain and how we celebrate being British and our home tradtions. We kick off with 2 annual celebrations of diiferent importance -  Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night- why do we celebrate the blowing up of parliament? Then Remembrance Day - why is it important to honour those who fell in combat? 

In literacy we will be comparing urban and rural lives- we will be reading Oliver and Patch and Kate in London amongst other relevant titles and thinking about how we live and those who live in cities. In our topic work we will think about significant British artists and musicians who symbolise our national heritage.

In Maths we will will continue to use both practical group work and independent tasks to secure our maths understanding. We are also developing our problem solving techniques so our maths knowledge is relevant in every day life.

Before we know it, it will be the run up to Christmas and celebrating all the wonderful Pott Shrigley traditions which we want to share with all the children at this magical time!










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